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    YGL-C150M Full Hydraulic Multifunction Crawler Drilling Rig


    The Drilling Rig Model YGL-C150M, which is a full hydraulic top drive impact power head crawler drilling rig. It applies to construction of big tonnage stress anchoring hole, the grouting reinforcing hole drilling and the drain hole. And the drilling holes of landslide preventing and the treatment engineering of rock collapse, also can used in boring the GSHPs hole, blast hole.
    The drilling rig is multi-angle、multidirectional drilling machine. The drilling rig has a variety of drilling methods ,can effectively resolve the problem of difficulty of drilling in lose cover strata, gravel layers ,broken rock strata ,it can be adaptable in different terrain, specially for complex drill work place, so it should have a very widely usage.

    Main Features

    Drilling rig has been configured top hydraulic rotary power head impact which is Germany imported,faster speed of borehole, higher efficiency.。
    Rotary power head is used itself power to achieve impact, no need deploy air compressor.
    The rig working very effectively for it has large scale range of angle.
    Rig’s power head can be lateral move to conceded center position, convenient for construction.
    Zoning scheme of rig’s hydraulic optional control handle,Convenient operation and effectively prevent the disoperation.


    Drilling depth (m) 150
    Drilling inclination (°) ~ 90 ~ 5
    Drilling diameter (mm) Ф130 ~ 250
    power head output speed (positive and negative) (rpm)
    power head maximum output torque (Nm) 9400/4700
    Power head stroke (mm) 3800
    power head maximum pull force (kN) 65
    Power Head biggest feeding force (kN) 50
    power head impact energy (N.m) 400
    power head impact frequency (Min-1) 1800
    mast slip stroke (mm) 800
    mast swing angle (°) -45 ~ 45
    car slewing angle (°) 360 °
    gradeability (°) ≦ 20 °
    power (diesel / electric motor)
    Engine / Motor Power (kW) 71/45 + 30
    speed (diesel / electric motor) (rpm) 2000/1500
    Fuel tank capacity (L) 220
    rig outside dimensions (transport status) (mm) about 6300 × 2000 × 2500
    Rig mass (kg) about 6500
    Ambient Temperature (° C) -10 ~ 38
    crawler chassis
    Width (mm) 400
    Ground Shakespeare (Mpa) <0.05
    hydraulic winch hydraulic winch lifting force (kN) 11
    dust removal device storage tank capacity (L) 80
    Working Pressure (Mpa) 1.1
    mud pump flow (L / min) 60; 85; 150; 200
    Working Pressure (Mpa) 8; 5.8; 3.5; 2.5
    Weight (kg) 328

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